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Eleventh meeting of the Plants Committee
Langkawi (Malaysia), 3-7 September 2001

Illegal trade in Paphiopedilum spp. (Agenda item 24.4)

Some Recently described taxa in the genus Paphiopedilum

1.    This document has been prepared by the Management Authority of Switzerland.


synonyms, comparison

taxonomical history


P. angustatum Z. J. Liu & S. C. Chen

cf. P. malipoense var. hiepii

First description 2000

China, SE Yunnan

P. anitum Golamco

=P. adductum ssp. anitum, P. x mindanaense

First description 1998

Philippines: Mindanao, S of Surigao

P. bougainvilleanum var. saskianum Gruss & Roeth

cf. P. bougainvilleanum

Displayed in an Orchid Congress held in Germany 1999, first description 1999

Solomon Islands

P. cerveranum Braem

cf. P. robinsonii

Type collection 1996, first description 1999

Vietnam-Cambodia border and central Vietnam

P. caobangense Tich

cf. P. helenae

First description 1999


P. chaoi Hua

cf. P. henryanum and
P. herrmannii

First description 1999, based on a single specimen


P. coccineum Perner & Herrmann

cf. P. helenae and
P. barbigerum

First description 2000

N Vietnam: Prov. Cao Bang

P. emersonii var. huonglanae Tich

= P. hangianum, cf.
P. emersonii

invalidly published 1998


P. gigantifolium Braem, Baker & Baker

= P. ayubii (nom. nud.),
P. parnatanum (nom. nud.; non P. parnatanum Cavestro)

Discovery and informal publication 1997 by Parnata as P. ayubii, First description 1999

Indonesia: Sulawesi, NE Donggala

P. hangianum Perner & Gruss

= P. emersonii var. hangianum, cf.
P. emersonii var. huonglanae

First description 1999

N Vietnam: Border to China (Prov. Yunnan)

P. helenae Averyanov

incl. P. helenae f. aureum Gruss & Roeth =
P. helenae var. sanderae nom. nud.; cf.
P. barbigerum

Type collection 1995, first description 1996

N Vietnam: Prov. Cao Bang

P. henryanum Braem

cf. P. chaoi and
P. hermannii

Type collection and first description 1987

N Vietnam and China

P. herrmannii Fuchs & Reisinger

cf. P. hirsutissimum x barbigerum

First description 1995

N Vietnam

P. hiepii Averyanov

=P. malipoense var. hiepii

Type collection 1995, first description 1998

N Vietnam: Prov. Tuyen Quang

P. hilmarii Senghas & Schettle

=P. vietnamense,
P. mirabile

First description 1999

N. Vietnam: Provinz Kao Bang

P. huonglanae Tich

=P. hangianum, cf.
P. emersonii

invalidly published 1998


P. intaniae Cavestro

cf. P. randsii and P. stonei

First description 2000

Indonesia: Sulawesi

P. jackii Hua

=P. malipoense var. jackii

First description 1996

China: Yunnan

P. lowii var. latifolium nom. nud.

cf. P. lowii

To be published, announced in web

Probably Borneo

P. lynniae A. Garay

=P. lowii  var. lynniae

1993 in Germany, first description 1996


P. malipoense fa. tonnianum Roeth

cf. P. malipoense

First description 2000

Probably S China / N Vietnam (ex cult. hort. Tonn)

P. mirabile Cavestro & Chiron

=P. vietnamense,
P. hilmari

First description 1999

N. Vietnam: Provinz Kao Bang

P. ooi Koopowitz

cf. P. glanduliferum and
P. supardii

First flowers in cultivation and first description 1999


P. parnatanum Cavestro

cf. P. sukhakulii and
P. wardii

First collection and first flowers in cultivation 1998, first description 1999

S Philippines: District of Tarlac

P. saccopetalum nom. nud.

cf. P. esquirolei

To be published, announced in web

S China

P. singchii Z. J. Liu & J. Y. Zhang

cf. P. emersonii

First description 2000

China: S Yunnan, border to Vietnam?

P. striatum Clem. & Jones

cf. P. wilhelminae

Type collection 1978, first description 1996

Papua New Guinea: Southern Highlands

P. sugiyamanum Cavestro

cf.: P. dayanum,
P. javanicum var. virens,
P. hennisianum
P. lawrenceanum

Discovered 2000, first description 2001

Malaysia: NE Borneo, Sabah

P. tigrinum Koopowitz & Hasegawa

=P. markianum

First description 1990

China: W Yunnan

P. tranlienianum Gruss & Perner

cf.: P. hermannii,
P. henryanum and
P. helenae

First description 1998

N Vietnam: Prov. Bâc Thai

P. usitanum Gruss & Roeth

cf. P. argus

Type collection 1998, first description 1999

Philippines: Luzon, Prov. Tarlac

P. vietnamense Perner & Gruss

=P. hilmarii, P. mirabile

First description 1999

N. Vietnam: Provinz Kao Bang

P. viniferum Koopowitz & Hasegawa

cf. P. callosum

First description 2000